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Our toddler twins have attended Little Lamb since they were four months old. They love going to school, and we love sending them there! In each classroom, they have had responsible, kind, caring teachers who have treated them like family and supported us as parents. With lots of space indoors and outdoors for activities, our boys get plenty of energy out regardless of the weather. Communication through the app has been superb, and we especially enjoy seeing photos and videos while we’re at work. We're thankful every day for our spots in the school and for the staff's commitment to children and families!

The Kao Family

We have been coming to little lamb for about 8 years. We have always felt that the atmosphere at Little Lamb is very warm and welcoming. Several years ago there was another preschool we wanted to try out but after just a few months we were back at Little Lamb because no other school compares with the loving comfort of Little Lamb. All our kids have attended and loved it, making close connections with their teachers. Thank you Little Lamb!

Sarah Dannecker

Little Lamb creates a nurturing space where the teachers engage with my child to learn and grow. When I bring my son to school he is visibly excited to be there and from the exchanges with the teachers I see the feeling is mutual. As a mom, not only is this the reaction I hope for, but it gives me peace of mind. I whole heartedly believe I am leaving my son in a safe and loving environment and thankful that we have such caring support for our family.

Liz Lusky 

Our daughters have been a part of Little Lamb for over 5 years. We are thankful to have found such a diverse, caring, and inclusive environment where they can feel at home. That comfort translates to confidence in an educational setting and both are blossoming in their care. We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Little Lamb family!

The LeClair Family

As a working mom of three kids, I know just how important it is to find a place for your kids where they will be safe, will learn, grow, be loved and have fun. Our family has found all of that at Little Lamb! Between my three kids, our kids have interacted with all the staff and classrooms (starting in the infant class at a few months old all the way to the Pre-K class). The staff knows and cares deeply for our kids and they strive to share the love of God through word and action each day. Their patience, humor and love for the kids is truly remarkable and I know each day that my kids are in wonderful care. I have seen my kids flourish and grow in amazing ways and Little Lamb is helping them become joyful learners who are prepared for the next stage of life! I can't say enough wonderful things about Gina and her staff but would highly recommend Little Lamb, as they really are an amazing extended family!

Sandy Rolfe

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